PPC Account Management

PPC Account Management is the core of our business, and we are proud to say that we are one of the most experienced account management providers in the US. Our hands-on approach sets us apart from other agencies who rely heavily on automated software to optimize and manage their clients’ accounts. We firmly believe that an algorithm is no match for an intelligent, creative and experienced account manager.

PPC Account Management services include, but are not limited to:

Search Advertising

Pay Per Click ads are displayed along with search results when a potential customer searches Google, Yahoo or Bing using one of your targeted keywords. Ads appear in the right side column of the search engine results page and may also appear in additional positions above the free search results.

Content Advertising

The Google Content Network is a collection of websites and other products, such as email programs and blogs, who have partnered with Google to display ads that are targeted based on content themes rather than specific keywords. The Google Content Network reaches over 80% if unique Internet users around world.

Ongoing PPC Management and Consultation

WenzelPPC Ltd. Is a Google AdWords Certified Partner specializing in Search Advertising. We provide daily, hands-on account management including: bid optimization, A-B ad copy testing, landing page testing, quality score optimization and advanced keyword match type strategies.

Display Advertising

Many websites, such as local news sites, national newspapers, etc., do not participate in the Google Content Network and therefore need to be contacted directly in order for advertisements to be displayed. WenzelPPC Ltd. will create, manage and maintain relationships with these websites when necessary in order to ensure that the scope of the online marketing campaign is as wide as possible.

Banner Advertisement Creation

In the event that a banner advertisement is require to advertise a client’s website effectively, WenzelPPC Ltd. will provide these materials for no additional cost.

Monthly Reporting

WenzelPPC Ltd. will provide monthly reports detailing the metrics that a client has opted to track as a measure of the marketing campaigns’ success. WenzelPPC Ltd.