What is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising?

Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns allow you to target customers in a relevant, accountable way. You can effectively target customers searching for products and services that you offer. PPC ads are displayed to potential customers when they're actively searching for businesses like yours. You can target customers by neighborhood, city, state or country.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing Reach

Google helps you reach consumers in a relevant, accountable way. Reach the audiences that matter most to your business. More than 170 million people use the Internet in the United States.

Pay-Per-Click Relevance

Connect with consumers when it’s relevant. Pay-Per-Click campaigns show ads to potential customers when they're actively searching for what businesses like yours have to offer. Your ads are being placed when decisions are being made. Of consumers making in-store purchases in key categories, 89% have conducted online research prior to purchase.

Pay-Per-Click Costs

Under the Google AdWords CPC pricing model, advertisers pay for ad clicks, not impressions. If an advertiser's ads appear 50 times and receive five clicks, the advertiser is charged only for those five clicks. PPC advertisers enjoy a tremendous level of control over their costs. They can set a maximum daily budget to help manage costs over the month and specific amounts they're willing to pay per click.

Pay-Per-Click Flexibility

Because Google AdWords offers such a high degree of flexibility and control, it's an especially effective marketing tool to help advertisers:

  • Generate leads
  • Generate sales or conversions
  • Create brand awareness